My name is Hélio Fernandes

I’m currently immersed in the world of automotive mechanics. Fixing cars and ensuring they run smoothly has been my passion for as long as I can remember. However, beyond the grease and gears, there’s another side of me that’s always been intrigued by the fast-paced realm of technology.

As a longtime technology enthusiast, I’ve found myself constantly exploring the latest advancements and developments in the tech world. From coding languages to innovative software, my curiosity knows no bounds. In fact, I’ve set my sights on a future transition—I aspire to become a developer. I believe that the intersection of my hands-on experience in mechanics and my passion for technology can lead to exciting possibilities in the world of software development.

Join me on this journey as I navigate the shift from turning wrenches to crafting code. I’m excited about the challenges and growth ahead, and I can’t wait to see where this fusion of mechanical expertise and technological fascination takes me. Thanks for stopping by and being part of this evolving story!

From time to time you can read some of my thoughts, projects and ideas that I share on my blog.